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Dos and Don'ts to Building your Instagram Page

Social media is spectacular for community outreach and targeting certain audiences. Although, it isn’t exactly easy to build up your profile and get to thousands of followers quickly. Instagram has become extremely popular and has provided jobs to many influencers who rely on their popularity or “insta-fame” for work. I mean, if you have a high follower count, brands and companies that want to collaborate would be willing to pay thousands of dollars. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to keep your feed going while making it look put together. That’s why we are providing our dos and don’ts of creating your own Instagram empire.

DO have fun and show your personality! Create a signature style like a pose, advice, words of wisdom, fashion, makeup, fitness, or even your spirituality.

  • People like knowing that you’re a real person on that screen!

DO post nice and presentable pictures that all have similar visual relevance.

  • Whether or not people determine to follow you is based off of your first impression, if they scroll through a couple of rows of your photos they’ll decide if their follow will be worth it. You want your pictures to all look great together.

DON’T buy followers.

  • If you buy your followers, people will most likely be able to tell and think you are a fake account, it is also looked down upon.

DO use relevant hashtags.

  • If you want to build your profile quickly, it is important to use popular hashtags. They will extend your reach to other accounts. However, they should correspond or have relevance to your picture or account.

DON’T be inactive.

  • Be sure to post at least once a day or throughout the day. The more you post, the more chances people will be able to see and notice you. It is also encouraged that you reply back to comments or even give your followers some love on their profile! Engage with your followers.

DO figure out what are your best posting times.

  • People are more likely to be on their phones at a certain time of day. Some age groups will be up earlier and check Instagram in the mornings or some will be more active at night time.

DON’T focus on quantity.

  • Quality is far more important than quantity. No one wants to see your pictures if you are being lazy. Put in your full effort.

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