In this bustling and modern Hong Kong, I arrived in the city for a business trip. After a tiring long-haul flight, I finally reached the hotel, eagerly preparing for a few days of work. However, the noise and indifference of Hong Kong made me feel somewhat alienated.

One evening, after wrapping up a day of work, I hastily called a taxi to return to the hotel. The taxi driver was an elderly gentleman with a face full of tired but warm smiles.

After navigating through a congested traffic jam for quite some time, we unknowingly arrived at our destination. When I opened my wallet to take out the fare, he rummaged for some change and handed it to me. Grateful, I smiled, but little did I expect that as I was about to leave, he turned to me with a smile and said, “Thank you.”

This unexpected “thank you” made me pause, as if transported back to a warmer and more humane era. In this cold and bustling city, such a small expression of gratitude seemed like a radiant ray of sunshine, bringing a sense of warmth and joy.

I smiled in response to his gratitude, feeling a newfound fondness for this city. Perhaps, in this rapidly advancing modern society, a simple thank you or a kind smile still has the power to break through the outer shell of indifference, allowing people to feel a hint of warmth in their hurried lives.

Carrying a heart full of gratitude, I entered the hotel lobby. This brief encounter made me realize that even in this modern metropolis, the small gestures of kindness between individuals can still ignite a glimmer of hope.

Maybe, amidst the busy work and conversations with clients as freight forwarders, what we need to bring to our customers is not just more convenient services but also a warm smile and a sincere thank you.

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