Taiwanese salty chicken

Taiwanese salty chicken, is one of the classic Taiwanese snacks . Usually, the older laying hens are boiled in salt water , and then soaked in water to cool the chicken skin to shrink and firm. It is said that the history of salted chicken can be traced back to the Xianbei court delicacy during the Wuhu Ruanhua period . It is also said that brine chicken comes from the rural society in the past, where meat was hard to find. After the hens were old, they were slaughtered and marinated in salt water and traditional Chinese medicine for 49 hours. Crispy and lasts longer. It is also said that the saltwater chicken is named after the chicken originating in the saltwater district of Tainan City . It was sold as a whole in the morning or evening markets in various places in the early stage, and it was sold in the night markets in various places in the middle and later stages. Due to the poor appearance and high price of the whole chicken , was invented by the industry to remove the bones with scissors as a selling point, and there is now a night market salted chicken.

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