White Christmas

White Christmas! Snowy places and fascinating places at Christmas. Do you also dream of a white Christmas? We always associate the surrealism of snow with Christmas, thanks to all the movies we grew up. However, even in cities that see more than a little snowfall, sometimes there is no snow on Christmas Day, because snow usually appears in January. Do not worry! There are several places in the world where you can almost guarantee a snowy Christmas:

Moscow, Russia The Russian capital Moscow is famous for its white winter and has the best Christmas prospects. The Red Square transforms into a charming Christmas market and the center of all celebrations. If you are lucky, you can also experience snowflakes during this time, so remember to layer and keep the camera ready.


Lapland, Finland, what could be better than Santa Claus coming home for Christmas? His home, office and studio are covered in snow, so this is an added bonus. When you are here, greet him, pat his reindeer, and ride a husky sled. Lapland not only guarantees snow, but also a glimpse of the northern lights. Everything in this northern town is amazing!


As the name suggests, Reykjavik Iceland has been frozen for a year and a half. Reykjavik, the capital of this country, is an ideal choice for your Christmas holidays. why? Because it is white and wonderful! The northern lights are also at work, making it even more idyllic.


The quaint town of Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria is famous for its splendid Baroque architecture and well-preserved city center. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but we might as well list White Christmas here. The snowfall during Christmas makes this place look like a fairy tale.


During Christmas in New York, there are some magical things in New York City. It is more beautiful than the movie shows us. From the colorful department store displays to the ice rinks in Central Park and Rockefeller Center, the “City of Skyscrapers” will become a winter wonderland for Christmas. The snow falling from the sky has a great opportunity to make the city more fascinating.

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