Honey has a natural bactericidal effect

Honey has a natural bactericidal effect and is not easily deteriorated, so honey can be preserved for a long time.

Honey has been promoted as a nourishing and healthy product throughout the ages.

Glorybee provides high quality honey through high-tech technology and maintains the consistent taste and flavor of honey. Strict quality control checks ensure 100% purity of every drop of SueBee honey.

Honey products are natural (no additives or preservatives) and are grade A products from the US Department of Agriculture!

Please note the “USDA ORGANIC” logo on the bottle.

This cute little bear honey is suitable for babies over 1 year old to make your baby healthier! Can also solve constipation troubles! Natural! No added! 100% real honey! Mother peace of mind!

It is best to keep the temperature constant, not near the source of too hot. Stored in a 64-75 Fahrenheit environment, the honey that is properly sealed and preserved can last for decades or even centuries.

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