The world is like a book

The world is like a book, and the world you live in is just one of the pages in the book.

We love to travel, the range of your walking, every inch of land you walk under your feet, your vision is the world you really live in. Life is a wonderful journey and a true practice. Every trip has a different meaning. And the sentiments in each of your journeys will become a special mark, becoming an indelible memory point on the wheel of time.

Life is very bitter. When you feel exhausted and tired for a day-to-day life, a simple sense of ritual can make every ordinary day full of layers and fun. Hidden behind the sense of ritual is a heart that yearns for a better life. And these small burial in life are enough to make ordinary days a poem. Gao Xiaosong once said that life is more than just the eyes, but also poetry and distance. Enjoy a sense of ritual with the people you love to find your own poetry and distance, a sense of happiness that belongs to you, for example, a trip that says you can walk and explore the unknown yourself in a strange journey. Or regain the sense of ritual in life through food. For example, bathing in the gentleest sunshine in the morning, enjoy a hearty and nutritious breakfast with your family sitting on a golden table.

read more, walk more. Either travel, or reading, body and soul, there is always one on the road. Living with your heart, start by moving yourself.

May you not live up to yourself and not live.
WESTERN 101 travels around the world to collect delicious food from all over the world, and to bring you the most healthy and authentic exotic local flavor. Let you stay at home and eat all over the world.

The taste in memory helps you to regain the impression of the past that was harvested in a foreign country. Every bite can ignite your body’s dopamine, happiness, and warmth suddenly comes to mind.

Life needs a sense of ritual, and food is also. Add a few spoonfuls of sugar to your life from the tip of your tongue to your heart.

People eat for food. It is also said that the best way to explain life is food. People often compare sweet and sour, spicy and salty, and five flavors to life. I have always believed that people who love food must love life.

Food is not simply a food for the belly, it is a way of life, the process of cooking food is very good, and enjoying food is also a pleasure. Even the collision of ingredients and ingredients can sometimes bring you different surprises. Even if you eat alone, you can be a way to enjoy life. For the family, three meals a day is the essence of life, and food is like an emotional button. Slow down and add a little sense of ritual to the three meals a day in your life. Carefully select each ingredient, carefully make a delicate dish, and cook a delicious dish, not only a feast of sight and taste, but also an emotion. With love, it is so, giving this power to the food.

As a child, we have a simple and warmest memory of food. And some tastes may carry a period of time, a story or a person on the road to growth. In the food, you can taste the five flavors of life, and you can enjoy the aesthetics of life in the lens and the philosophy of food in your life.

Love and food can’t live up to. Growing up and not forgetting the original intentions, let us look for the taste in memory, find the one that was touched, and add extra points for your happiness.

Really grazing cows, each mouth has a full of sunshine.
Feel the scent of every bite, and the more you chew it.
The meat is fine, tender and juicy, and the fine meat is mixed with just the right tenderness. The elderly and children can also easily chew, the nutrition is easier to absorb, and it is also very suitable for men and women who want to shape the muscles. The vast and innocent pastures are rich in water, unlike the domestic breeds, and the herbivorous beef with noble blood.

Travel around the world to collect delicious food from all over the world and bring you the most healthy and authentic exotic local flavor. Let you stay at home and eat all over the world.

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